About Born B464

Hi! My name is Kathryn Raaker and, like many of you, I am one of the Born B464 generation. I am on a mission with a vision for people our age. I have created a media forum for us—a forum that includes television, radio and the Internet. These are the platforms we use to address the wide range of life issues we face.

My forum, “Born B464”, is all about the vital question “What will we do for the rest of our lives?” We are commonly living to 100 now. How can we find meaning and continued purpose with our greater longevity?

We are the builders for the new millennium.

As the builders, we take care of a lot of people; we shoulder a lot of responsibility. We are called the “Sandwich Generation” because we are sandwiched between the needs of our children and our parents. Pressed between these priorities, how can we feel less smothered and build a more savory sandwich, so to speak, for those we love?

My Born B464 team of professionals and I will invite real people to tell real stories about facing life issues with courage and triumph. Our generation needs information and we will give it to you with interesting, inspiring guests.

So come and join us in engaging our issues; whether its about careers, family, spirituality, health issues, or just plain fun, my “Born B4 64” forum team will ask the right questions, engage in real talk, and give you insights into living longer, more pleasurable, purpose-filled lives.

Meet the team