Dan Perkins visits the American Legion Post #72, in Mount Carmel, Ohio. Dan gives a presentation about the organization Songs and Stories for Soldiers.

Kathryn Raaker and Dan Perkins discuss politics and other trending topics on the Born B464.

Kathryn interviews author Jim Wolfe about his book, “Out of the Rabbit Hole and into Life.”  Mr.  Wolfe book is an autobiography of his life, an inspiring work. During the work day, Jim is a Commercial Banker with a leading financial institution.

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Join Kathryn as she interviews author Ed Linz, Former Navy Commander, Teacher and Writer. Mr. Linz discusses his life, adventures around the world from his heart transplant to his grueling experience doing the 100 mile Appalachian Trail. We delve into his books “Life Row” and “Hurting’ two distinct genres and exciting stimulating interview.

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Kathryn Raaker interviews Cary Robinson, Author of The Dudley files and President of Golden Hound Publishing. He discusses the original Dudley and why he started “The Dudley Files” a dog comedy detective series and his Publishing company.
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Kathryn Raaker interviews Lawrence Allen, a corporate ex-patriot that spent 20 years in China. Mr. Allen is the author of Chocolate Fortunes a corporate business book on the Chocolate Wars in China, and his new Novel Tree of Liberty a political thriller an patriotic family saga.


Join Kathryn as she interviews Cynthia Cecile Phillips (Ms. Ceci), the author of the children’s book, Two Tiny Bears. Visit the author’s website to learn more about her and her book at: http://www.mscecisworld.com


Kathryn Raaker interviews Gerald Blumenthal, Ph.D., Author of “The Brass Compass” and a New Thriller, “The Monkey Trial, Judgment Day”. Gerald is very entertaining as well as being an author and business owner.

Check this out folks!!! You all know Doug and Susan from Days of Our Lives, Susan Seaforth Hayes and Bill Hayes,  they were featured on my Bornb464 TV show while on a book tour. I had the pleasure of interviewing them and getting to know these Bornb464ers. We had a great time discussing their lives and talking about the newest book “Trumpet.” Here is a link that you can check out a teaser from the show. I know you will love it.