Kathryn  shares her photos and trip to Greece with Pat Stirnkorb and Pat instructs her how to Scrapbook her trip. Kathryn  and her Husband Bill share their photos from their Press Trip to Greece on Celestyal Cruise Lines her new Sponsor (Coming Soon)

Join Kathryn as she interviews author Ed Linz, Former Navy Commander, Teacher and Writer. Mr. Linz discusses his life, adventures around the world from his heart transplant to his grueling experience doing the 100 mile Appalachian Trail. We delve into his books “Life Row” and “Hurting’ two distinct genres and exciting stimulating interview.

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Kathryn Raaker interviews Rick Pawlak, Managing Director of Ultimate Air Shuttle. They will discuss Ultimate Air Shuttle’s new route addition of Cincinnati (CVG) to Chicago Midway, and all the other great things that are going on with Ultimate Air.
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The Church of Mary in Israel – Kathryn takes you on a journey to Israel.


Join Kathryn as she tours the Jewish Family Museum.
Part 1


I am so excited to share with you that on November 26 I will be traveling to Israel. For ten incredible days, I will be visiting this land of my family roots. I will be traveling with Patricia and Rick Stirnkorb, another TV producer for the Telos Alternative Health Network. We will be flying to Israel to do a series of TV productions and documentaries.

The main focus of my trip will be to discover the foundation of my family. I learned several years ago that my great-grandfather was actually born, an Orthodox Jew.  There was much prejudice against the Jews during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s so when he fell in love with my Irish Catholic Great grandmother to make it easier to marry her he changed his faith. His family, of course, disowned him and  it was kept secret for many years. My mother knew but was told never to mention it.  Little did we know that his family was buried in a Jewish Cemetery two blocks from my Grandparents home.   It was not until my Great Aunt started searching for the roots of her husband’s family did we start to know the beginning of our history.  Part of our journey will be visiting the Diaspora Museum which is the home of many historical documents and information. I hope to trace my family roots while there. I will be hosting a Heritage Documentary upon my return from this trip.

israel-mapAnother stop will be at the Botanical Gardens in Abu  Ghosh which are run by the Monks. We will be meeting and interviewing Brother Olivier, the chief Monk in charge of the gardens. We will be looking at some of the incredible plants which come from all over the world and producing a documentary about the gardens.

Another visit will be to the National Memorial and Museum of the Holocaust. This has been described as one of the most emotional places on earth. The museum complex includes the Valley of the Communities and the Hall of Names of Child Holocaust victims.

Of course along the way we will be visiting the incredible sights of the Holy Land! It is a thrill indeed to know that we will be walking the streets where Christ lived and preached; we will see the Sea of Galilee and Mount of Beatitudes where He preached the Sermon on the Mount. We will ride a camel, sail on the Sea of Galilee, hike to Massada and swim in the Dead Sea!

This incredible trip has been funded by the State of Israel, Department of Tourism!

Our God never ceases to amaze me in His wonderful way of delighting us with His gifts and blessings.

I will be blogging daily from Israel and posting photos on my Facebook as well as on my blog site at www.Iambornb464.com  Please plug this into your computer and begin watching for our posts beginning November 27, 2012.

I can’t wait to share the incredible beauty and history of this trip!